Commencing Count Down

The launchpad is a frenzy of activity right now.  We are still in our planning stages and although our architectural plans are still evolving, what services we will be providing are mostly set.

Who is the Culinary Launchpad?

The Culinary Launchpad is the brainchild of chef Candie Yoder, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, owner of the CockAsian food truck and longtime entrepreneur. While seeking a commercial kitchen the chef found an unused former industrial bakery that offered a space that was already partially ready and sporting two walk-ins. Chef Yoder decided that this space would be perfect to build a community of chefs.

What is the Culinary Launchpad?

The Culinary Launchpad is a shared use commercial kitchen built to help launch food and beverage based businesses. We will have done the work of building a kitchen and making sure that it is certified and licensed with the state and local government. We have invested in equipment and training so that we help you make a better product and be able to sell them with confidence.

What does the Culinary Launchpad provide?

  • Air-conditioned shared use commercial kitchen space licensed for food manufacturing and packaging 
  • Members benefits include:
    • Basic seasonings
    • Towel and apron laundry services
    • Access to temp staffing
    • Access to purchasing services
    • Vendor discounts
    • Sanitation and production supplies
    • Shared farmers market space
  • Rentable cold, freezer and dry storage space
  • Fully equipped kitchen (appliances, pots & pans, utensils)
  • Beer brewing equipment
  • Carry out or Delivery Services
  • Service window with outdoor seating for Monthly renters
  • Centralized ordering system with digital ticket management
  • Group purchasing power with local growers
  • Collective Knowledge & Shared Industry Experience
  • Website services with secure e-commerce
  • Social Media Support
  • Classes and rentable classroom space
  • Indoor Pop-up Dinner space and outdoor special event space